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Going Green in Quarry Park

Quarry Park is a unique and vibrant neighborhood district in Calgary. It is a lovely community that has the best of everything you need in a rural and urban setting. More importantly, there are many services including a dental clinic Quarry Park offers its residents.

The residential area of Quarry Park boasts of an integrated set-up of homes, commercial spaces, offices, recreational amenities and green environment. It is greatly inspired by the European culture where the residences are designed with arranged townhouse units and brownstone streets. The housing structure overlooks Quarry Park's riverfront and nature reserve where there are a number of parks situated across the town as well as tree-lined streets.

The architecture, engineering, and design of this lovely neighborhood are built from the concept of a Georgian and French countryside setting. The brick exterior, stone facades, and forest environment are utterly charming. It's a great place to settle down with your family.

The Market is where all the activities take place. It is lined with shopping and retail stores, restaurants and other commercial spaces. The idea is to fuse together different amenities where friends and families can meet and have fun. The Market has all the essentials including a supermarket, pharmacy, optometry, and dental clinic Quarry Park has everything you need.

If you are looking for a professional dentist then you don't have to look further. Quarry Park has exactly what you need. The dental clinic Quarry Park offers include an array of dental services that can cater to your specific requirements such as cleaning, filling, extraction and other cosmetic dental services.

The major selling point of this community is having the convenience of both an urban and rural set-up. Quarry Park is home to a variety of local and international offices. There are Fortune 500 companies that hold their office in this neighborhood.

The business district is a mix of city with a green landscape especially since the park is literally a few steps away from the office building. The office spaces and building have a modern design yet it is settled amongst beautiful sceneries.

It has a very conducive environment for both office workers and homeowners. A perfect balance between work and play. A community recreation center is currently being built for residents and employees of the business park. A fitness center will be available as well as other leisure activities for families during the weekends.

A child development center is also in the works where children can enjoy playing in an outdoor area. Parents at the same time also feel safe and secure.

A Green Environment

Quarry Park has a large mass area for parks and pathways that stay connected within the neighborhood vicinity. This was strategically planned to minimize traffic and promote a pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment. People can easily walk or bike to work or to whichever part of the community.

This residential neighborhood prides itself of adapting a green environment. In fact, there are already some environmental-friendly projects implemented including an office building with a green roof. Recycled materials are utilized for construction in some parts of the community. The pond and creek water system transports and cleans water before flowing it back to the river.

Quarry Park is a green environment perfect for those who want to live in a clean, healthy and thriving residential neighborhood.

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